Welcome to your RAF Customer Survey 2023

1) Please select your age range from the dropdown list that fits you:

2) Have you attended Royston Arts Festival previously?

3) Do you have young children (or grandchildren) who might enjoy arts & crafts type activities?

4) Which of the following entertainments would you or your children enjoy? Please tick all that apply.

5) Which of the following arts and crafts events might you or your children attend or participate in? Please tick all that apply.

6) Would you or your children be interested in attending activity sessions promoting well-being or exercise such as yoga, pilates, zumba, aromatherapy, guided nature walks etc... Please tick whichever apply.

7) Do you have any suggestions for any arts/craft related events or entertainments that we might stage with a small number of volunteers in local venues?

8) Festival events are free where possible but what sort of price range would you consider buying Adult-priced tickets in, assuming that the entertainment itself is attractive to you?

9) Would you be willing to spare a couple of hours or more volunteering your assistance at a festival event. If so, please enter your email address here and we will be in touch.

10) Here are a few questions on which we would value feedback. Please tick each box where you agree with the statement/question. You are also welcome to email additional views not covered by this survey to chair@creativeroyston.org